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(I've felt like this has been hanging over my head, to the point where I've been feeling guilty about posting to LJ about anything else, and I need a break from work, so here's the final installment.)

Time on road: 5 hours
Distance covered: 270 miles

Total driving time: 37 hours
Total distance: 1880 miles*

I'm torn about this entry. On the one hand, the rest of the House on the Rock was absolutely spectacular and one of the most awesome places I've ever been. If I wanted to, I could describe the treasures and oddities and marvels within for pages.

On the other hand, part of what made everything so amazing is how unexpected it all was. It has rarely been more literally true that, when you turn a corner in the House, you have absolutely no idea what awaits you on the other side. Even pictures wouldn't begin to cover it: there are some rooms that are pure sensory overload, and you simply have to experience it for yourself.

So, this is all I'm going to say, and please understand that I am not exaggerating or putting on a show: if you're one of the people reading this journal, you will love the House on the Rock. You owe it to yourself to see it sometime. And, if you come to visit us in Minnesota, I will take you. You should allow for an extra day in your trip, on which we can get up early, drive the four hours to Spring Green, Wisconsin, see the House, and drive home. It will be worth both your time and mine.

Anyway, the last two parts of the House took us about four or five hours to get through, including a stop for lunch in their cafe (which was itself, of course, a fascinating room). Afterwards, we each got a souvenier, and then had clear and gorgeous weather for the drive to Minneapolis. The Garmin did its best to make up for the previous night, taking us (instead of along more of I90) for the first several hours of the drive through more stunningly beautiful farm country roads, up and down hills and through tiny, adorable little towns. We were both sad to eventually rejoin the interstate, but we even got to get back off it before too long and take a slightly more pastoral state route into the Twin Cities.

Without much more trouble (thanks in part to Alexa's dad calling to warn us about highway closures), we reached her parents' house in Edina in the early evening, had dinner with them and unloaded the minivan fully at last.

It would be another week before we could move into the new house, which we spent primarily shopping for the things we would need, but then the day after the official transfer, I flew back to Boston to meet my family for another trip, seven days sailing around the British Virgin Islands. But that's a whole other triplog.

*The discrepancy with regard to the previous post is because, for all the other updates, I was getting our mileage from google maps, but since this was the end of the trip I simply checked the odometer. Essentially, we drove an extra 21 miles beyond the most efficient possible route over the course of the trip.
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