Feb. 24th, 2010

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We now have an ice cream maker, thanks to an unexpected and early wedding gift! I am fabulously excited about this.

First, I tried making green tea ice cream, also (or at least formerly) known as "the best" ice cream. The recipe I found involved boiling milk and cream and stuff on a stove, which is a type of ice cream base I had never used before. With my parents' old machine, back in high school, I primarily worked out of their Ben & Jerry's recipe book, which called for unheated sweet cream bases for all recipes. But hey, new and unfamiliar territory is cool!

And but so anyway, we now have in our freezer a quart of ice cream in what I call "burnt milk" flavor. There's a lovely green tea-ish aftertaste, though! If you look for it. I still have a lot of matcha powder, though, so I'll probably try again soon and keep a closer eye on the pot.


Another flavor on my list of things to attempt is Irish Breakfast ice cream, for which I plan to adapt a recipe for the (slightly) more common Earl Grey flavor. While searching for said recipe, I came across Mac & Cheese, a food blog. Underneath its recipe, it recommended other, related dishes in which I might be interested:

Thai Tea Ice Cream

So! Today, we went on an expedition to the surprisingly numerous[1] Asian grocery stores in and near our neighborhood. In the second of these, which was seriously a supermarket, not just a grocery store, we not only found a nice big bag of Thai tea but (among other things) frozen, steam-at-home lotus bao. So that was exciting.

Tonight, following the blog's recipe, I successfully made Thai tea ice cream, and I swear to god it is the most amazing substance ever. It's, like, a Thai iced tea, but ice cream! I know that sounds stupidly obvious, but I just don't know how to better convey the sheer delight that is the synthesis of these two concepts.

Meanwhile, of course, we now have most of an enormous bag of tea left over, and so I'm planning to make a big batch of regular old iced tea for the (future) in-laws this weekend.

Okay! That's my food story of the week. Next: more puppy pictures!

[1] Not really that surprising, actually, once you get past the initially surprising number of Hmong immigrants in the Twin Cities.


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